Electronic Surplus Outlet 
Liquidators of Electronic Components etc...

Tel: (949) 855-4528 Fax: (949)855-2746


Sell your excess inventory with us at E S O!

Electronic Surplus Outlet will buy your excess inventory, obsolete, EOL and slow moving Electronic Components inventory.

E.S.O. has specialized in Purchasing, Liquidation, Sales and Consignment of Surplus Electronic Components inventories since 1987, enabling us to provide maximum return of your dollars.

We also sell top quality Semiconductors, Integrated Circuits, Capacitors, Potentiometers, Resistors, Connectors, LED's's and more!

In addition, we provide a Sourcing Service for Hard to Find, Long Lead Time and Obsolete Electronic Components.

Cash upon delivery or pick-up

Liquidating excess inventory translates into cost savings and helps profitability by providing the following:     • Cash flow   • Tax Write off   • Frees Up Warehouse & Storage Space.

We have recently expanded our warehouse facilities for a heavy buying mode.  Please be sure to contact us with any or all of your excess inventory items and/or keep record of us on file for the future.

Tel: (949) 855-4528

Email: purchasing@electronicsurplusoutlet.com

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